Severalls Mental Hospital

The famous and feared asylum that was opened on 1901. In that time people were afraid of any kind of mental illness, and they considered a ‘mental illness’’ any kind of behavior that was unknown for them. At first West Rose wasn’t a famous hospital until the First World War, they received patients that came from the combat fields, but they didn’t last too much. For the Second World War a lot of wealthy families realized that some of their siblings, children or even parents were considered ‘crazies’, they were different to the society, and they didn’t want them to appear on their history. They paid a fortune to lock them in, even when the hospital was working for soldiers who went mad while being in battle. The hospital started earning money, and that was when it became ‘West Rose’.

The place where nobody had ever escaped. Where the most dangerous patients were recluse. Sent there because of the justice, or from another hospital. Or just the ones that their families accused from insanity. The result of it was a real chaos, the people talked about abuse and bad treatment techniques, but nobody could ever find evidence. Even though nobody that wasn’t a doctor or a patient could walk in to the institution. And West Rose kept becoming a stronger institution every day. When you were tagged as ‘different’, or someone who ‘went mad’, who created his own reality you were sent to West Rose, It was the end. You’ll probably never be out of that place, at least not alive, and probably not even dead.

The doctors at West Rose try to find the cure to insanity, using any kind of methods, since the most moderns and civilized,  to the most antiques, that might include torture. Of course nobody outside the institution knows of this. People were cured of the diseases that caused them being there, but they never were the same person again. That was why they were still on that institution. The biggest ambition for West Rose’s doctors was finding the cure to madness. But at the end they were all mad. In a way or another for society, they were ‘different’, and that meant being mad. Seeing life in other way was the same.

But at West Rose, patients die frequently, without giving notice, or after suffering their illness, but they say those are suicides. They don’t mention the murderers, or the unusual ways of therapy, at the end nobody really cared about them.

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